Vintage – 2016

Varietal – Chardonnay

ABV – 13.5%

Vineyard – Staro Jelezare, Thracian Lowlands

Vintage Conditions

The 2016 harvest was very good for white wines. The absence of spring frost allowed for the normal development and ripening of the grapes. The spring and early summer was slightly wetter than usual, but not enough to markedly slow ripening or cause illness and defects of the grapes. July and August were dry with a pleasant average temperature of 22°C. The dry September allowed the choice of the optimal moment for the grape picking. Good phenolic maturity and ripening of the fruit with optimal sugars and acidity, has underpinned wines with superb fruity aroma that showcase varietal characteristics.


Selected grapes are handpicked and delivered to the winery where they are sorted by hand, pressed using modern Bucher presses and vinified in stainless steel vats. The free run juice is separated from the pressed fractions, cooled to 8-10 C and racked to get crystal clear juice. The fermentation is carried out with selected yeasts at a strictly controlled low temperature. After two thirds of the sugars have fermented the wine is transferred into French oak barrels where the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation The wine matures on the lees for 6 months, periodically the lees being lifted (batonnage) to achieve a fuller more complex profile. The wine is bottled under inert gas with screw cap to preserve the flavour and fruit.

Tasting Note

Brilliant yellowish with fresh greenish tones. Intense aroma with a rich aromatic palette of mature tropical fruit. Nutty flavour with a light shade of vanilla. Succulent and a pleasant oaky finish.

Food Recommendation

Sea food, white chicken meat, Chinese, Thai and Indian food.

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